1985 May 30, established company from the incorporation of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., NEC Corporataion and Mitsui and Co., Ltd in Koji-Machi Chiyoda-Ku Capital 380 million JPY/Number of employees 40
1986 April, Capital investment from FUJITSU and Hitachi Ltd./Increased capital to 499 million JPY
1989 Commenced operation of Nagoya Regional Marketing Branch/The number of employees reached 200
1990 5th Anniversary/Totals sales reached 10 billion JPY
1991 Commenced operation of Osaka Regional Marketing Branch
1992 Relocated head office to Ikebukuro from Koji-Machi, Chiyoda-Ku/The number of employees reached 300
1993 Established Main Sales Division
1995 10th Anniversary
1996 Relocated the head office to Nishi-Gotanda from Ikebukuro
1997 Capital investment from NTT mobile communications network/Increased capital to 652.6 million JPY
1998 Established urban information systems division/Acquired ISO9001 accreditation
1999 Commenced operation of XML solutions/Number of employees reached 500
2000 15th Anniversary/Changed company name to DOCOMO Systems, Inc. from INS Engineering Co., Ltd.
2001 Acquired ISO14001 accreditation /Relocated the head office to Akasaka from Nishi-Gotanda/NTT DOCOMO Inc. investment ratio increased to 100%
2002 The number of employee reached 700 /Established Operation Systems HQ, System Development Division and Service Operations Division
2003 Established ERP Division and Technical Center
2004 Established Mobile Network Division Security Services Division
2005 20th Anniversary
2006 Established Information Security Services Division
2007 Established Business Solution Headquarters,System Integration Division,Service Provider Division,System Infrastructure Division,Enterprise System Division,Information Security Department
2008 Established Customer Information Systems Division, Billing Systems Division, Enterprise Information Systems Division, Information Systems Infrastructure Division, Business Intelligence Systems Division, Service Platform Division, System Development Division, Public Enterprise Business Division
2010 Established CliNIC Division
2011 Established Enterprise Solution Division
2012 Established Web System Division,Corporate Social Responsibility Department
2013 Enterprise Solution Division/Acquired ISO39001 accreditation
2014 Established Cloud Business Division, DOCOMO IT Systems Division, DOCOMO IT Infrastructure Division, DOCOMO Business Division, Legal & Contract Department, Internal Audit Department, Quality Control Department
Takes over "dDREAMS" from NTT DOCOMO
Capital investment from NTT DOCOMO/Increased capital to 11.3 billion JPY
2015 30th Anniversary/Established IT Security Division
2016 Acquired "Kurumin", next generation support certification logo
2017 Acquired the highest position of "Eruboshi", based on Act to advance women's success in their working life
2018 Established IoT Division, Sales Channel Promotion Division
Certified as a Health and Productivity Management Organization (White 500)
Received the Certification of Silver (Gin-no-Nintei)
2019 Established Sales Channel Promotion Department, Security Operation Center, Web Systems Department, SE & Business Support Center, Human Resources and Development Department, Western Branch
Acquired gPlatinum Kurumin" and g Kurumin" as next generation support certification logo
2020 35th Anniversary/Established Marketing Department, Cloud Systems Department, Enterprise Systems Department, Data Analysis Platform Department, Data Utilization Department, IoT Business Strategy Department